All problems can be solved.

Finding the necessary help to solve your PROBLEMS

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This becomes important only after admitting that there is a problem.  If an individual or entity does not admit that there is a problem, then they will not be successful in finding the necessary assistance.

Finding assistance in solving a problem can be difficult.  The difficulty comes in two parts;  finding the someone and judging whether they have the required ability.

In your search for assistance, you must look everywhere, even from people or organizations which you do not approve.  Be willing to put in the effort necessary to find assistance.  Payment for the assistance may be required.  It is very similar to job hunting.

Judging the ability of individual(s) or organizations is a matter of judgment, research, and even trial and error.

The next(third) step is accepting the help that you receive.


Written by solutions777

July 6, 2011 at 6:56 pm

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