All problems can be solved.

What do people want?

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This seems to be the issue.


-There are an unlimited number of problems/issues in the world.

-All individuals and organizations have problems.

-The problems are in all areas; business, education, health care, politics, foreign affairs, retirement income, etc.

-The problems/issues are not being solved/resolved.

-Every individual and organization needs assistance in solving their problem/issue.

-Assistance was offered in a previous post.

-No one has requested assistance

So, what is the problem?

What do people want?

Do they want to just suffer while they rant and whine?

Do they not want help?

Do they want everything to just magically be solved/resolved?

Do they just want to be left alone to suffer?

Do they even know what they want?





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Written by solutions777

August 12, 2011 at 5:30 pm

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