All problems can be solved.


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World economies keep sinking.  This a big and important problem.  It is the greatest impact issue today.  No nation or individual is safe.

Politicians and individual argue about what should be done.  People rant, whine and cry about the state of the economy.  Everyone seems to agree that something needs to be done.

The real problem is that no one, especially politicians and economist, have any intelligent idea on how to improve the economy.

No jobs, high prices, lack of health care and other sub-issues are destroying the standard of living for a significant amount of the world population.

It comes down to two issues.

Accepting the solution to the problem, but it is not the one people want.  Jobs are created, prices are brought under control, health care is available, but not the way people want.

Someone other than politicians or economists have a solution.  Both groups become totally unimportant.  Peoples’ elected representative become no longer matter.

People get what they deserve, not what they want.

So, here is the real question.  Do you want the economic problem solved?

If so, are you willing to pay the price for the solution?  Are you willing to accept a solution you do not like in order for people to have jobs?  Are you willing to give control over the economy to someone other than politicians and economists, so people can have an affordable quality of life?

It should be an easy choice.  But for some reason, people would rather have humanity suffer.

It maybe that people continue to worship false hope:  like the man who has gangrene and needs to have his foot amputated in order to save his leg.  He refuses.  Then he needs to have his leg amputated to save his life.  He say no again.  Now he is dead.

A game of chicken, where everyone dies.

Still people refuse to believe.  Well, wait until next year, when it gets even worse.


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Written by solutions777

September 12, 2011 at 7:11 pm

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