All problems can be solved.


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From Wikipedia:

In psychology and logic, rationalization (or making excuses[1]) is a defense mechanism in which perceived controversial behaviors or feelings are explained in a rational or logical manner to avoid the true explanation. It often involves ad hoc hypothesizing.  Sometimes this occurs when we think we know ourselves better than we do. It is also an informal fallacy of reasoning.

What this really means; people lie to themselves and others to justify their actions, thoughts and beliefs.

All this does is prove their  STUPIDITY.

It is like a person with any compulsive behavior problem denying their problem.  Everyone knows the person has a problem, so the person just proves his stupidity.

Everyone who reads this will believe that this is not them.  The truth; it is everyone who thinks this is not them.

Refusing to admit one’s faults is a character flaw.  It is a flaw that prevents the solution of problems/issues.

This is almost everyone.  So, admit it and become a better person.


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September 22, 2011 at 9:53 pm

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