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Problem Solving Misconceptions

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The world is full of serious/major problems.

Everyone has serious misconceptions about solving these problems.  People expect the problems to be solved immediately.  They think only the government or government endorsed experts can solve these problems.  And then, they only want mainstream or popular solutions.

Misconceptions mean that people do not have the faintest idea about what needs to be done to solve the world’s problems.

The solutions being proposed by politicians, economists, CEO’s and even celebrities are the same old solutions that have not worked in the past.

The are solutions that would work.


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October 28, 2011 at 3:25 pm

The Global Economy

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The Global Economy is a big problem.  It is in a recession headed for a depression.  Every nation has economic problems:  high unemployment, governmental budget issues, rising prices, etc.

Everyone is playing the blame game.  Governments are playing public relations on what they are going to do to create jobs and solve the economic problems.  The governments are going to continue to be unsuccessful.  Everyone is getting the economy they deserve instead of the economy they want.

The global economy needs to be re-structured.


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October 18, 2011 at 7:07 pm


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Action is necessary to solve a problem.

A solution that is not-implemented, is no better than not having a solution.

But non-action or doing nothing is also important.  Doing nothing, absolutely nothing, is much better than doing something that will not work, something that is totally stupid, and might cause more harm.

Also doing something gives the impression that the problem is solved.  Later, everybody finds out that the solutions did not work.  Time and resources were wasted.

People like action.  They want something to be done, anything.  They have short attention spans and get impatient quickly and very easily.

They lack maturity.  They are simple minded dolts.


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October 18, 2011 at 7:03 pm


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From Wikipedia:

Government refers to the legislators, administrators, and arbitrators in the administrative bureaucracy who control a state at a given time, and to the system of government by which they are organized.[1][2] Government is the means by which state policy is enforced, as well as the mechanism for determining the policy of the state.

People seem to believe and act like government is god.  The different governments are different gods.  People pray to their god(s)/government(s) for the things they want.  Their god(s) should give them whatever they pray for.  Their belief is total.  Government is not something created by man, it is an all knowing, all powerful god that can grant their every wish.

If people have a problem, they expect the government/god to solve it, and do it today.

Each god has his own disciples(politicians).  These disciples are to carry the wants of the faithful to god.  Each religion/political party has its own beliefs.

People expect their god(s) to turn the earth into paradise.

So, which god do you believe in?


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October 14, 2011 at 7:04 pm

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Saving The Economy

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Some are starting to believe that the U.S., like Europe, is socially and economically beyond repair.  Yet, the answer from some is always the same — take more money from businesses and the rich.

The problem is that there soon will be no wealth to redistribute.  Sure, progressive politicians can keep the redistribution vote-buying scam going for awhile longer, but, ultimately, a Greek ending is unavoidable.  And when that happens, rioting in the U.S. will be much more violent than in Greece, because people have gotten used to a considerably higher standard of living than people in Greece and the rest of Europe.

The American way of life is on the road to doom.

People find this hard to believe, even with the continuing flood of bad economic news.


It does not affect them, yet.

It has always turned around before.

The shrinking economy is happening a rate that is not visibly notable.

They believe the government will solve the problem in time.

Some will not believe what is happening, no matter what.

The economy CAN be saved.

Will it be saved?


Anybody ready to ask for help yet?


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October 7, 2011 at 3:42 pm


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Please help.

Would someone please help us?  Help is desperately needed by the writers of this blog.

With the world falling into utter chaos, it should be easy to get readers for this blog, with lots and lots of comments and questions.  Quite the opposite is true.

After over three months, the blog has only gotten 151 hits and 2 comments.

More posts may help, but more needs to be done.  But what?

So:  HELP!   HELP!   HELP!

Please help.  Anyone?

Will keep trying, more posts and keep looking for other solutions.


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October 4, 2011 at 1:34 pm


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Most warm blooded individuals are screaming at the top of their lungs about how they want change.

There will be change.

It will not be change for the good.  It will not be the change they want.

It will be change to move the world in the same direction as always, but faster and faster.


Because these individuals keep

-believing in politicians.

-wanting simple and easy

-wanting goods and services for free

-wanting to take from others instead of earning their own way

-thinking they are entitled

Bottom Line:  Stupidity and Lack of Character

These individuals will get what they deserve not what they want.

They will never learn.  Intelligence and hard work is the answer.

Everybody should be mad as hell.  The world is in terrible shape and getting worse.

The answer will not come from politicians.  Nor is rioting, protest or other social action the answer.  All this does is increase the rate of deterioration.

Are people ready to stop whining and ranting and work for a better world?


If they did, they would do things differently, change their systems of government.

Also, these people do not know what to do or how to do it.  Mature people ask for help when they need it.  It is time for them to ask for help.

Ask or watch the world be destroyed.



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Written by solutions777

October 3, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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