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Your Bias Makes You Stupid

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People all think of themselves as being rational.  They hear evidence and process it.  What is clear from decades of social psychological research is that people’s motivations get involved in their reasoning. Those shape and bias the way they process information.

It is not that people believe anything they want to believe. People still think and need rationale.  But the things they feel change what they count as evidence.

The concept of “motivated reasoning” refers to the tendency of people to rationalize on behalf of outcomes they want to see.

Something similar — motivated skepticism.

People tend to be a lot more skeptical of information they do not want to believe than information they do want to believe. People tend to just scoop up information they want to believe and then are much more skeptical and allocate their skepticism in a biased way.

This compounds over time, so people compile evidence that supports their view and critically dismiss that which does not, so that the evidence on their side eventually seems overwhelming.

Notice a multiplier effect: emotion.

The more passionate people are, the more morally convinced they are about the issue, the more they care about that in various other ways, the more biased they’re likely to be.



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January 9, 2016 at 8:13 pm

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