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The Gangrene Solution

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Gangrene is a life threatening health condition; the tissue of part of the body dies and the condition can spread to other areas.

The cure is to cut off the infected tissue before theĀ  gangrene spreads.

It is a severe solution; but necessary.

People refuse amputation.

The rest of their body becomes infected and they die.

There are many problems requiring similar solutions.

These problems/issues do not get solved/resolved because people refuse the cure(solution).

The issue/problem gets worse.

People increasingly whine and cry about the problem.

These people are to blame for the on-going problem/issue.

At times, the solution is harsh.

But it is the ONLY way to resolve/solve the issue/problem.

Do not let the gangrene complex destroy your world.



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Written by solutions777

August 22, 2015 at 5:00 pm

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